Sidebar Widget Demo

This page contains a demo for the sidebar registration widget, you can see the registration form on right side of the page.

You can fill in the form fields and see the real-time validation in action, for example: If you insert a non-valid or incomplete email and see the notification.

Here is an example of the notifications in action:


How to Experiment with the Widget:

  • Create your demo website in this link
  • Click on the Appearance menu inside WordPress admin panel > Widgets (inside the demo website)
  • Find the “Wishlist Registration” widget from the available widgets and add it to any sidebar you want and customize it to your needs.

Important Note:

The demo is for the Premium version of Wishlist Registration Widget which includes all the features that are also in the Basic and Pro versions.

You will find the full comparison table between all 3 versions in the plugin’s manual (page 11).